Tuesday, August 12, 2014

'Hillary's Dishonest Benghazi Makeover Has Begun', by David K. ... Uh, Ms. Clinton, that dialogue you asked for in your Jan. 2007 announcement that you were running for President?

'Hillary's Dishonest Benghazi Makeover Has Begun', by David K.

Hillary Clinton makes a poor attempt at a makeover ahead of the 2016
Presidential campaign to hide her part in the Benghazi fake
anti-Islamic video scandal and refusal to provide security when
the U.S. Ambassador asked many times - 600 requests ! - for protection
previous to the attack on the embassy. It wasn't given before
or even during the attack.

Remember what journalist William Safire called
Hillary Clinton during the 90's: A congenital liar.
( A liar from birth). Brace yourselves for the earlier than usual
Hillary Clinton campaign such as we saw in 2007.
Remember when she broke campaign tradition and started her
Presidential campaign a year early, in Jan. 2007? Remember
how we had to put up with that, and the same with
Barack Obama's imposing on Americans his constant overdone
presence on our TVs in 2008?

Remember Hillary Clinton's Jan. 2007 insincere and goofy
announcement  on national television exhortation that she
was running for President:
"Let's have a dialogue." Yes Ms. Clinton, let's have a REAL
dialogue about you. Let it start at
with this question Ms. Clinton:

Q. Did you Ms. Clinton and your Husband Bill Clinton, as
former White House FBI agent Gary Aldrich said in his book
'Unlimited Access - An FBI Agent in the Clinton White House',
call Secret service agents and FBI agents in the White House
your " Personal Trained Pigs"?

Q. And did your husband and you Ms. Clinton, tell the
mainstream news organizations that if they had White House
FBI agent Gary Aldrich on their Sunday morning news shows
about his then new 1996 book 'Unlimited Access',
then those news stations would be denied access to the
President and the White House?

Q. Ms. Clinton, did you know Gary Aldrich wrote about both
of these things in his book 'Unlimited Access', which in fact did
come out during the 1996 Presidential campaign? In fact in his
book, he did say that you and your husband told your daughter
that the Secret Service and the FBI agents assigned to the
White House " Are our personal trained pigs." Did you tell
your daughter that?

Ms. Clinton ... Ms. Clinton ... uh ... that dialogue you asked
for Ms. Clinton ... ?